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Well . . . you have arrived a bit soon and so have reached a page that is currently being designed and coded. Most of the links do not go anywhere yet, no error pages are done, and there is really not much at all to do. So, I hope you're happy. Enjoy your visit.
The (current) plan is to feature information in the form of links to real websites elsewhere, and to publish a few original articles here.

My Grandfather, scanned from a picture taken in the 1960s in the Wye Mills General Store

( Thanks Pop!! )


This is a work in progress and intended as a help for beginning to intermediate shooters interested in long range precision.
Comments, suggestions and especially corrections are welcomed. Thank you.

DISCLAIMER:The information presented here is my opinion only and not guaranteed in any way. It is offered in "AS IS" condition and to be used at your own risk. While I have amassed and/or composed this information as an attempt to provide help to beginning and intermediate Riflemen, YOUR access and use of this information constitutes YOUR AGREEMENT to accept full responsibility for your own actions and AGREE TO HOLD HARMLESS any entity related to this site. Thank you, I knew you would understand.